What is Travel Visa Services?

Every year thousands of people make the expensive mistake of booking a full-price plane ticket without their approved visas. Don't make the same mistake! Almost all embassies DO NOT advise travellers like you to buy a plane ticket for their visa application. You just need a valid flight reservation.

Enter Travel Visa Services. We are a DTI-accredited travel agency specializing in helping travellers like you with your visa application needs. We provide confirmed flight itinerary for Schengen visa application or for all kinds of visa application. We book flights tickets WORLDWIDE. We issue flight itinerary with a PNR number or unique booking code which you can verify directly at the airline website. We also offer hotel reservation and affordable travel insurance to complete your visa requirements.

You can easily order the service in minutes and your flight reservation will be sent directly to your inbox in 4 hours or less so you can focus on planning your best trip ever. We are open 24/7 to serve you. Check out a sample flight reservation and learn how to check the validity of a flight reservation online in minutes.

Why should you use this service?

Verifiable Flight Reservation

You can reserve unlimited number of flights WORLDWIDE with a unique booking code which you can easily verify directly at the airline website. The flight reservation is valid for 2-3 weeks depending on the airline. Here is a sample flight reservation.  

Fast and Easy

Our IATA-accredited travel agency will book your valid flight reservation and send it directly to your email in 4 hours or less. Available to everyone around the world. We book flight reservation WORLDWIDE for ALL kinds of visa application. Totally effortless and hassle-free!

Available 24/7

Our customer service is available 24/7 via email and live chat. We reply to all messages within 24 hours. We are open 365 days of the year. Yep, even on weekends and holidays! If you have any questions, please read our FAQ or contact us anytime. We'd be happy to help!

Money-Back Guarantee

You're safe with us. Our website is secure. We don't collect credit card info. Your order is protected by Paypal buyer protection. Get all your money back if you can't verify our reservation via the airline website. Payment via BDO, BPI bank deposit or Western Union? Email us for details. 

So how does it work?


These real people got their visas approved with our help.

Last week I ordered the service for my US visa application and the flight itinerary was received within hours (less than a day), although I didn’t order the rush processing.  I’ve also double checked the flight reservation code at the airline website and it’s totally there!! Very excellent service indeed, I personally recommend this service. My US visa has been approved yesterday thanks to your service!!

I have been using these guys for a while (3 trips) and the service has been excellent but the most recent just blows my mind. My friend was going to embassy next morning (9:30am appointment) and I order the rush service request at 12:59am that night. At 7:49am I received my reservation. Under 7 hours turnaround. Amazon’s getting jealous. Great stuff, legitimate but most importantly reliable.

I made a flight reservation and needed to do some modification with the flight dates. I have sent them an email at night and the following day I got a reply with the ammended flight itinerary. Thank you for the quick response. I surely will recommend your site to my friends and relatives who are gonna be travelling to Europe. I really appreciate your excellent customer service! Keep it up!

This site is absolutely helpful. They are very reliable and response time was more than what I paid for. I ordered regular service for my flight reservation and I got my flight itinerary in less than 24 hours. They respond to your questions day in and out which is just the kind of service that everyone needs! And the best thing? I got my visa! Thank you so much!

This service is awesome! I had an interview at the Greek embassy DC in USA, I ordered the flight reservation service on Thursday and got the flight itinerary on Sunday! They sent me an email warning me of the weekend which is true because I had my interview on Monday. However, they were fast! Also my  visa got approved! So happy! Thank you!

Very very very good service!!! Definitely RECOMMENDED! I ordered rush processing on Wednesday evening around 10PM and got discounts for 5 extra flights. Then I got my flight reservation at 9AM, printed it and made it on time to submit the document at 1PM the same day. And got my visa at 3.30PM. Amazing! Thank you so much!!!

You guys are so awesome! We need more folks like you in this world! Fast, efficient, and friendly. They acknowledged my request within an hour which was very assuring, and promptly delivered my request in less than 24 hours. Thank you for making our lives easier and keep on rocking!

I just used this service and got my flight reservation and it’s exactly what I needed. I have never applied for a visa like this before and I thought I would have to buy a return flight even though I don’t know yet when I want to return, so it would have cost me so much money. Really lucky I found this site. It’s completely legitimate, reasonable price, amazing service and a really really good and helpful idea. Thanks guys!

Step 1. Order your flight reservation now.

Our travel agency will book a flight reservation for you with a PNR number or unique booking code which you can verify from the airline website. Here is how to check the validity of a flight reservation. FREE cancellation. You can book your own actual flights after you get your visa. Critical orders are booked within one hour or so. Just order it and we will book your flights ASAP.

You can pay via credit card, debit card or Paypal. Here's how to pay using your credit or debit card if you don't have a Paypal account. Email us if you want to deposit via BDO, BPI, Western Union or bank transfer.

If you need a complete flight and hotel reservation package for your visa application, please check our Flight + Hotel offers.

Regular 18 HoursNot in a rush?
€25.99per person
up to 8 flights
inbox within 18 hours
valid up to 3 weeks
24/7 customer service
Rush 9 HoursNeed it soon?
€39.99per person
up to 12 flights
inbox within 9 hours
valid up to 3 weeks
24/7 customer service
up to 10 corrections
priority service
Critical 3 HoursNeed it ASAP?
€55.99per person
unlimited flights
inbox within 3 hours
valid up to 3 weeks
24/7 customer service
unlimited corrections
express service

Step 2: Submit your flight details

After ordering, please confirm your payment details below and you will receive the Flight Reservation Form via email automagically. You must completely fill out the Flight Reservation Form so we can book your flights.

Fields marked with an * are required

Step 3. Receive it via email and print. Done!

Please wait while we book your flight reservation. If we don’t send it on time and if you can’t verify the flight booking online then feel free to request a refund. We will refund you 100% within 24 hours. No questions asked.

Complete your visa application requirements and order your hotel reservation and travel and health insurance.

Travel Insurance
€1.99per day
€30,000 minimum coverage
Refundable if denied
Perfect for visa application
Hotel Reservation
€6.99per hotel
Hotels worldwide
Book what you want
Budget or luxury hotels

I have other questions. Read our FAQ.

How long is the flight reservation valid?

The flight reservation is valid for up to 3 weeks depending on the airline.

Does this service apply to any kind of visa application?

Yes. It works for all kinds of visa. Anyone who needs to apply for any kind of visa can use this service for their flight and hotel reservations. You can use it for Schengen visa, US visa, Japanese visa, Chinese visa, UK visa etc.

I am from India, Nigeria, China, Philippines or Name Your Country, can I get a flight reservation?

Of course! It’s available to everyone worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world right now as long as you have a credit card and internet where you can order online and receive your flight reservations via email.

I need my flight reservation ASAP! Can I have it in a few hours?

Of course you can! If you really need it right now you can order our Critical Reservation package. We usually book your flights as soon as we receive your order and flight details and email it in as fast as 4 hours or less (usually within an hour!).

I want to book a specific flight or airline, can you do that?

Yes we can. After ordering, send us your specific flight details and we will book those flights. Please note that low-cost airlines like Cebu Pacific or Ryanair do not allow flight reservation so we could not book low-cost airlines for this service.

Am I really not paying for the price of the plane ticket?

Yep, you’re not paying for it. You’re just paying for the service fee for your flight reservation and not actually booking it so you won’t be paying for the full price. You only need to pay the amount of the package you’ve chosen.

How can I check if my flight itinerary is valid?

Each flight reservation comes with a unique and 100% valid reservation code called PNR (Passenger Name Record). We wrote a detailed blogpost on how to verify your flights online easily. Read it here.

When is the best time to order a flight reservation?

You can order your flight and/or hotel reservations as soon as you want but it’s best to order it around a 3-5 days before your visa interview schedule.

Can I book 4 or more flights?

Sure. We offer various packages for this. Depending on the package you choose, you can book from one up to unlimited flight reservations. Take your pick!

Are layovers or connecting flights counted as flights?

No. If you have a flight from New York to Bangkok with a layover in Dubai, this is only counted as 1 flight leg even though in real life it is 2 separate flights. For example you want to book:

New York – Bangkok with layover in Dubai – May 17, 2017
Bangkok – Tokyo with layover in Kuala Lumpur – May 25, 2017
Tokyo – New York with layover in Milan – May 30, 2017

These are counted as 3 flights even if each leg of the trip has a layover somewhere.

Can I order for my girlfriend/boyfriend/mom/sister?

Of course! If you haven’t noticed, we can accommodate all your wishes as long as they are within reason 😀 You can definitely order for someone else and use your credit card or Paypal for them.

I’m ordering for 2 or more people. Is this possible?

Whether you’re ordering for one or more people, just choose a package for each person and fill out the form above. You can buy for as many people as you want. You can choose to have all your names in one reservation or separate reservation for each one of you.

Can I have our names in one flight reservation?

Sure! We can reserve all of you in one flight reservation. Just pay for each one of you like paying for a seat in a plane because we will reserve a seat per person.

Can I have a separate flight reservation per person?

If you’re ordering for 2 or more people, you can definitely choose if you want all your names in one reservation or separate flight reservation for each one of you. No problem. We will accommodate whatever you need!

I want to change my dates or destinations, what should I do?

Just email us. You are all entitled to at least one FREE correction depending on the service you’ve ordered.

There’s a mistake on my flight reservation. Can you change it?

We’re just humans so sometimes we book the wrong dates and airports. If this happens, just email us and we will book your new flights for FREE.

I don’t have a Paypal account. Is there another way to pay?

You don’t need a Paypal account to order. Just click “Pay with debit or credit card” at the bottom of the page and pay without having a Paypal account. We also accept bank deposits to our BDO or BPI account and Western Union transfers. Just email us for more info about these.

Do you give discounts for groups?

Yes we do. If there are 4 or more of you, email us and we can give you a group discount.

I got my visa. Should I email you to cancel my flights?

Congrats on getting the visa! No you don’t have to email us for cancellation. We automatically do that for you. Didn’t we promise this is a hassle-free service? Now go enjoy your trip!