Flight and Hotel Reservation for Visa Application

If you are looking for a combination of flight and hotel reservation for your visa application, our travel agency offers various packages depending on how many hotels and flights you need to reserve. Please choose among the combo packages below. This is perfect for people who are applying for a Schengen visa or any kind of visa that requires multiple flights and hotels.

If you only need a hotel reservation, please order Hotel Only and choose the quantity on the payment page. You can book as many hotel reservations as you want. But just a tip: the Hotel + Flight combos are a better deal.

If you only need a flight reservation, please click here to check our Flight Reservation Only options.

After paying for flight and hotel reservation, please answer the Flight and Hotel Reservation Form so we can book your flights and hotels.


Hotel Only
€6.99per hotel
book what you need
flight NOT included
within 36 hours
24/7 customer service
1-2 Hotels + Flights
€35.99per person
up to 2 hotel reservation
up to 5 flight itineraries
within 36 hours
24/7 customer service
6-8 Hotels + Flights
€69.99per person
up to 8 hotel reservation
up to 9 flight itineraries
within 15 hours
24/7 customer service
2 FREE corrections
priority booking
9-10 Hotels + Flights
€89.99per person
up to 10 hotel reservation
unlimited flight itineraries
within 8 hours
24/7 customer service
3 FREE corrections
urgent booking